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Happy Birthday Reason - 20周年 Reason 1.0 Song Challenge

Propellerheads Reason


[ Name ] Aki
[ History ] Mohican Sandbag
Joesan (Ryota Sawaki)

[ DJ mix - djay 2 for iPad ]
Elsagate of Music
TRe - Aki - 20180426
takecha - Delicate Inspiration - gwm2018
takecha Strikes Back - gwm2016

[ Tracks ] Tre-räffla

[ Favorite of 2021]

FM Synthesizer
Reason Studios

Wow excellent!

[ Favorite ]

PSYH - Kick Bass Commander
Kick Bass Commander

Psychedelic Haas Sample Slice Unit
Psychedelic HAAS

[ my favorite other devices ]
I'm using lots of Rack Extensions, ReFills and VST Instruments on Propellerheads Reason. That said, let me introduce some of my favorite other devices to you from now.

First, let me introduce a unique device.

Heart of Noise
Workstation Synth from the future

GalaXynth is the amazing invention.

Detailed information is in official website, manual, press kit. I have always been careful for pitch tuning of drums and percussions. Although drumkits of GalaXynth is not GM format like, the attention of pitch tuning is unnecessary. For example, about midi note 51, 808 Kit is CowBell, but 909 Kit is RIDE. SOUNDS placed at The Canvas, Between 808 Kit and 909 Kit, Try Mix and morph while moving the white sound marker. There is no discomfort, pitch of CowBell and RIDE is the same. This phenomenon is reproduced in all drumkits, let enjoy of combination of many different drums and percussions.

GalaXynth is exactly what I was looking for.

Further, the sound generated by randomizing from various approaches is also the starting point of creation.

Chip64 Synth
Ochen K.
Vintage Chip Synth

I like NES sounds. Propellerheads Reason can make any sound. Although you can output sounds such as vintage computers and video game consoles even with default devices such as Subtractor, Thor, Europa etc... I recommend using Chip64 as necessary. Because, Chip64 is very simple so.

DLD Technology
Speak & Tweak

ST-1 is an emulater of Speak & Spell. If you do your best, Thor will speak is also possible but, ST-1 is very easy. If use this you can other work in extra time.

ABL3 Computer Bassline
Emulated Classic

I love ACID. ABL is an emulater of Roland TB-303. If you want quickly to achieve, without hesitation you should use ABL. This is the strongest device in Rack Extensions.

These above three is a very distinctive devices. each devices is simple but within Propellerheads Reason by combining with other devices enrich your expression. The above was a unique device, next, let me introduce a powerful device in a specific field.

DLD Technology
Supersaw Synthersizer

SAW-1 Discovery SawWave Synth
J Chris Griffin
SAW-1 Discovery Synth

They are expert of SuperSaw. If do you want SuperSaw sound soon, for the time being use Megasaur or SAW-1. Undoubtedly, although SuperSaw possible even for default device, I say again, they are expert of SuperSaw.

ReDominator Polyphonic Synthesizer
Analog Emulation

He is expert of Hoover sound. ReDominator is an emulater of the Roland Alpha Juno. If do you want Hoover sound soon, for the time being use ReDominator. I say again, He is expert of Hoover sound. Furthermore, New Retro ReDominator which is product of eXode be very helpful.

SubBoomBassRE Instrument
Rob Papen
Bass Synth

He is expert of Bass sound. Although SubBoomBass is literally specialized in the function of Sub Bass, actually he can do Main Bass too.

PunchBDRE Instrument
Rob Papen
Bass Drum Synth

He is expert of Kick sound. If do you need Kick sound, for the time being, use PunchBD.

Latin Percussion

He is expert of Percussion sound. A noteworthy fact is sequencer and randamizer which are his functions. Sounds are randomized, generated sequence can be drop to DAW. He is different from ReDrum, and easy percussionist.

kiloHearts Faturator
Kilohearts AB
Gritty Distortion Unit

He is an expert who makes the Fat sound . Faturator does a very good job.

Thus, these seven devices, each a powerful device in a specific field. continue, let me introduce device, they has versatility and high quality.

Virtual Analog Synthesizer

He is Legend synthesizer. Anything else explain?

PX7 FM Synthesizer
Six Operator FM Synth

He is The legendary synthesizer. PX7 is an emulater of YAMAHA DX7. During a long history, released around the world, a library packed with almost all sounds is PX7 200k ReFill . included over 168,000 presets. This PX7 200k ReFill is free.

Xfer Records
Wavetable Synthesizer

He is also one of Legend synthesizer. Something else explain?

If you want to create sounds like my work, at this point, devices collection is that's all complete for now. Finally as a extra bonus, let me introduce my favorite developers, ReFills and attractive devices.

Heart of Noise
Heart of Noise is the developer I respect most. The following are quotes from the official website. Heart of Noise was founded by great scientist Svantana (aka Svante Stadler), seems that has worked with a number of players in the audio industry, including GForce Software and Propellerheads. GalaXynth behind, Svantana said. "I couldn't find any instrument that did what I wanted, so I made one," "It took three years, but now it's the only thing I use.". Heart of Noise seems that believes that music creation shouldn’t be about tweaking knobs for hours on end, searching for the perfect sound.

AudioRealism - official
AudioRealism is absolutely necessary developers. They did not release generic device but they released dedicated device of hit the spot.

Rob Papen - official
Rob Papen is also a great developer. They has double weapons. their swords are generic device, dedicated device of hit the spot.

He is great geek of Synthesizer sound. If you want to create sounds like my work, will hit your zone.

Goldbaby - official
He is wonderful geek of Drum Machine sound. His created ReDrum groove is amazing.

They have released several excellent drum machines.

RV7000 MkII Patches - Propellerhead - Convolution Reverb
Impulse Responses
Impulse Boost Bundle - Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd. - Impulse Responses
Impulse Boost Bundle 2 - Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd. - Impulse Responses

The above is the RV 7000 Mk II presets and Impulse Responses.

Pump Sidechain/Gate FX

Sonic Charge

Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble
Jiggery-Pokery Sound
Pro BBD-Modelled Delay

They are very unique effectors. Undoubtedly, although these effect possible even for default device, because these are experts in each field, using by them, quick and easy unique sound create.

Effective Combination - Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd. - Sound Processing
Kilohearts Toolbox - Kilohearts AB - 25 Effects Bundle
Kilohearts Toolbox ReFill - Kilohearts AB - kHs Tools Combinators

These are the effectors and their presets.

kiloHearts kHs ONE
Kilohearts AB
Full Unison Synth

Also in this device, ONE Trance Soundset which is product of eXode be very helpful. eXode provides Factory Presets on some devices. For example,

Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer
Blamsoft, Inc.
Wavetable Synthesizer

like this. Although Serum has sound library of many choices, If you are a follower of eXode, you trial Expanse.

Kings of Kong - Jiggery Pokery - Vintage drum samples
Transisthor Bass and Rhythm - Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd. - Recreated Classics
JackBox L1MDrum - Quadelectra - Sample Drum Module
Jackbox 7R-808 Analog Drum Module - Quadelectra - Emulated 808 Sound Mod
Jackbox 7R-909 Analog Drum Module - Quadelectra - Emulated 909 Sound Mod
JackBox 7R-707 Drum Module - Quadelectra - 707 Drum Module
JackBox 7R-727 Perc Module - Quadelectra - 727 Percussion Module
JackBox QASIC RZ-i - Quadelectra - 8bit PCM Sample Module

They are although not required, respect to Vintage Machine is included.

[ various randomizer ]

Modular synth-type sequencer

He is classical default device of Propellerheads Reason.

Pattern Based Drum Machine

He is also classical default device of Propellerheads Reason.

Glitch 2

He is one of Legend. Something else?

Drum Sequencer
Rhythm Player

He is powerful helper of drums programing.

Umpf Club Drums
Club-Ready Beats

He himself has no randomizer, very compatible with Drum Sequencer, dedicated preset is substantial.

Umpf Retro Beats
Old school beats

He himself has no randomizer, very compatible with Drum Sequencer, dedicated preset is substantial. The difference with Umpf Club Drums is effector.

Quad Note Generator
Player Device

He is a good device for lazy people. We will be able to focus on sounds making at the extra time he is running.

Nostromo Spectral Synthesizer
Lectric Panda LLC
Spectrum Table Synth

He is also wonderful as spectral synthesizer, but I think the expert of randomize synthesizer.

[and more my favorite other devices]

Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer
Modular Synthesizer

He is dream machine. It's capable of routing at front panel. What type of trick was used, I have deep interest.

Efektor Bundle
9 Efektor Devices

They are effector bundle of second choice for me. I using them for ABL, not guitar.

Super Audio Cart
Impact Soundworks
Super Audio Cart

They were excellent ReFill experts but, also released Rack Extension. This device is doing emurate of numerous retoro game machine. This may replace Chip64 Synth position.

Bass Synthesizer

He is very excellent expert of low frequency. It's very simple to make That Sound. His may replace SubBoomBass position. Also, He is always on standby in your phone's Reason Compact.

KORG Gadget
Vintage Synthesizer

Amazing! It's very welcome that they do playing a sound on Reason! In particular, it's KORG M1 becomes our fellow is great! He will replace ID8 position.

g200kg Music Software
He is excellent geek. I respecting him and his works.

Besides the above, although I'm using lots of Rack Extensions, ReFills and VST Instruments on Propellerheads Reason, if you want to create sounds like my work, at this point, devices collection is that's all complete for now. Thank you.

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